Monday, 8 September 2014

PBR Skateboard

Something I never put up on here, PBR skateboard I created a while ago using Quixel Suite. It was mainly to test out Quixel and to give PBR a go (even though its not technically true PBR). I found Quixel to be fairly awkward to use due to it still being in beta, but what it can accomplish when it's working right is awesome. You get more out of it depending on how much you put into it, so I made sure that my Mesh, AO, Normals, Object Space Normals and Colour IDs were all perfect before plugging them in and tweaking the materials and build-up processes made possible by Quixel.
I did find it very awkward to alter things in Photoshop manually once Quixel was open, especially if you wanted to add your own masks and layers like the grind marks on the bottom of the board - Quixel simultaneously edits all the maps accordingly which is fantastic, but if you need to do something manual like the grind marks it tends to cause a lot of issues (for me anyway). I did find it easy to set up my own materials to though, such as the gloss paint on the underside and the actual maple wood of the board (as Quixel's provided wood was far too worn and aged).

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