Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Pretty slow week I guess. I started animating my tram, and ensuring it lined up fine in both 3DS Max and CryEngine so that it wouldn't go off-rails randomly. I set up all the pieces and stuff in schematic view, and did a test animation of the doors opening and shutting, which worked so that was good. I keep getting a problem at the moment though where it's animating even when there's nothing in the keyframe saying that it is, so I've put it on hold for now while I wait to ask a tutor about it.

I started my foliage sheet, sticking to 256px areas for each part. I'm going to use that to break off parts and bend and copy them into many different parts for things like hanging bushes, potted plants, bushes and trees. I remember reading that you should crop your alphas as tight as possible, as CryEngine still renders blank areas of alphas, so the few extra tri's used to keep it tight are worth it. I'm hoping to get that all done by tomorrow, Friday at the latest so that I can focus on populating my level with lots of clutter assets (which I've started modelling).

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