Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Signs and Floors

In the past four days I've been focusing on my signs and shopfronts. I've finished the signs and I'm creating adverts that suit the universe my level is set in, focusing a lot on the high sea level concerns and what can be done about it. I've had to rely on fairly simplistic sentences and Google Translate here, as they do actually (probably poorly) translate to things like 'help restore Earth' and 'remember fields of green?' in the chance that anyone who can read Chinese sees my level. I've also thrown some references to friends FMP's in, just to break up all the Chinese (because there is actually an awful lot of English on Chinese adverts and signs).

So these aren't done yet, I'm probably going to change the EARTH logo I created (which is a shame because I even went to the effort of painting the Earth and covering large portions of China and Australia up in water). Below are the finished signs though, which I've started placing around the level. Below that is just a shot of how the main area of my FMP is (finally) fleshing out. I really need to look into how to realistically roof the buildings, as I've almost exhausted my current routine of 'put flats on top or the Chinese roof pieces'.

One thing I did which I probably should have left until later is add some street art and graffiti with the decals tool. That being said it does add a lot of character to the level, helping lift that grimy unclean look that had started to dawn on the place. I used some graffiti and street art from around Leicester that I sourced myself and created the rest from photos from external sources (either by painting a study of it and making it look more pop-art, or altering the photo within Photoshop with filters and various other tools).

I fiddled with the lighting again and returned it to being sunny, so I'm going to look into rolling cloud textures today, as the dawn lighting was simply far too moody and gloomy compared to what I want. I also edited my neon signs again so the glow is more realistic. Now that it is sunny again these are kind of washed out, but I'm going to keep them at least dimly lit, just to show that they are lit and I didn't just make static neon signs.

Lastly, I finally got my floor texture in, as my placeholder concrete one was driving me crazy with how ugly it was. I created the base tiling texture from some photos, then vertex painted a cracked texture on top. I used more photos for the cracks, and painted in and out some other cracks. It was very hard to get this one to tile nicely, so in the sake of time I left it tiling at a mediocre standard, and just carefully painted it over the base texture. I also tried to use CryEngine's displacement/parallax mapping and add some fake depth to it, which seems to have worked reasonably well. I would've liked to push it a little more but this created some nasty shadow banding so it's fine for now. 

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