Thursday, 24 April 2014

Quick Blog on Stylisation Choices

This isn't meant to be a passive-aggressive rant or anything, just a re-iteration on something I feel may have been lost over the past few months, and something I've also neglected to mention in my posts.While I've said my level is meant to be a post-Global Warming world set in the 90s, this is still a very loose description of my level, and something that I'm almost sure would look drastically different to what my level presents. A lot, if not most, of my inspiration is drawn from East-Asian artists, which often focus on strong colour palettes and surrealism that is still partially grounded in reality. Spirited Away is a prime example of the sort of surreal/realistic blend I want - just enough realism so that you don't immediately question it, but enough surreal elements that it still creates a sense of wonder.
While I have said my level is grounded in reality, I still want these sense of surreal qualities to it. As a result, some of these qualities include slight over-saturation (strong colours and vibrant skies, etc.), questionable architecture (large spires and the general building-on-top-of-each-other chaos of it). This isn't meant to be an excuse for poor lore or unrealistic city structure or anything, but more of a homage to classic anime and JRPGs. So yeah, this was basically a blog post just to say I'm not aiming for a entirely realistic result, but more a JRPG styled world.

FeiGiap (link)

Bravely Default

Spirited Away

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