Thursday, 10 April 2014

More Decals and the Tram

Just a quick little update from the past few days of work. Got some more decals in and sorted the reclections on the windows by fiddling with the glass shader and placing 5 or 6 environment probes around the level. Below are some shots of the barnacles decal I placed liberally around the docks and a water stain that I can put pretty much anywhere that's sensible.

I also fiddled with the lighting even more and applied one of CryEngine's default sky-boxes for the time being. I may add in clouds to have pan round the level too. I added a panning cloud shadow texture (again, a default one for now) which I've set to slowly move across the level, which creates some really nice dynamic soft shadows which really help add to the feeling of it being a cool summers day. I also looked into CryEngine's water, and from what I've gathered it doesn't actually use a texture, and is purely determined by multiple parameters in-engine. So I tweaked the fog depth of it and how rough it is and all that so I have a greenish, murky yet still slightly inviting look to it.

Finally, I decided it's time to get the tram done and out the way. The first two screenshots were what I did way back in January because I wanted to get an early start on it (hah). I'm glad I left it though as when I went to work on it today I made a lot of weird choices that I wouldn't have today (mainly about how to do the interior and top and bottom of it). So it was good to have a base to work from at least, and I tweaked it a fair bit to the finished result above. I was going to have proper seats in it but have stripped it to two benches and some handrails in the sake of time. The mesh is probably 90% done, I just need to unwrap it and make room on the left side for the doors. It looks pretty basic but I'm going to add a lot of paneling detail in the normal map. A lot of reference I looked at showed some intricate machinery on the top and bottom, but the design of mine is that it is pretty much suspended from the top two leverages, which adjust in length to balance out the tram (so that it doesn't tilt crazily like my first roller-coaster-tram did).

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