Monday, 31 March 2014


Not updated in a long time...hopefully the work I've done since then is satisfactory then! Ever since the last assessment, getting the whole level together was my top priority, so I've spent a large portion of my time ensuring the ground is in properly, alongside bordering off the non-traversable areas.

I also began work on my general assets for the level, in order of priority. Below you can see that I've added wind turbines (which surprisingly didn't take long at all) and the tram supports in. The turbines were the first things I didn't add a normal map for; mostly because I did some basic ones (as turbines themselves are very minimal) and they looked rubbish, but also because I then realized I need to speed up my asset creation and normal maps on something that you never get very close to is pointless.

Sorry about the horrendous quality, I hated camstudio and filming off my screen was the quickest. It was in 720p but I guess Blogger had other plans...

I also began to look at animations, something I wasn't particularly looking forward to, 1. Because I'm a Game Artist, not an animator, and 2. Because CryEngine doesn't have UDK's Matinee, meaning I had to animate in 3DS Max and export into CryEngine. It turns out animating is the easy bit, it was the endless exporting with slightly different configurations and settings that was the hardest part and after now having five or six unique object animations, I'm still not 100% sure what the exact set up is. I've now began to look at animating my tram properly, as last time just went completely wrong. Below is the set-up for the animation on my air conditioners. As Auto-Key in 3DS Max doesn't allow pivot points to be edited on the fly, I had to detach things that moved independently from the main mesh, using the schematic view to attach them to the parent node.

I'm a little worried that this is all a bit too colourful, that it looks more like an amusement park than a Chinese City. Once my assets and decals are in, if it still looks childish I'll look into colour grading it to be a little more desaturated or tinted to a certain colour.

CryEngine's rope tool also proved hugely beneficial as it means I don't have to spend ages intricately placing specifically modeled hanging wires. I can also use them to add a little more variation to my docks. Below I've started to make my modular pipe pieces as another thing to break up the alleys and buildings.

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