Monday, 3 March 2014

FMP Update: Attack of the roofs, part 3

Above is just a poor quality flythrough of my whitebox. I should have probably done this a while ago, I just never got round to it. In my last update, I said I'd try plan my modulars as my current method was just so so awkward and time consuming, it kind of made the whole point of my level being 'efficient and affordable' quite moot. Luckily, I've kind of got into the swing of things. Below is my current to-do list, alongside March's asset list (which is mainly extra details like pipes, signs, shopfronts and the like). As I've said I don't really want to have to compromise anything for time, so I'm really going to have to up the pace (I have still been working at least 4 or 5 hours a day average anyway, so...). Now that I've (mostly) worked out how to do my modulars, I just need to start churning out building after building until I have enough variation to populate the entire level. For now I'm just literally building along my whitebox, and if I get to a building shape I can't construct with my current buildings, I'll make a new one. The roofs caused even more trouble and I had to very slightly alter their shapes over and over again until they tiled properly (and thankfully Nikita helped me set up a grid system that is the same in both 3DS Max and CryEngine so I can ensure my exported buildings will fit right).

So yeah, I've started just building around my whitebox and adding parts as I go. I think it's looking pretty good at the moment, although I can't wait to start vertex painting and blending those texture sheets to break up all that repetition going on at the moment.

Below is another video, just demonstrating the speculars in my level, as it's not something you can really demonstrate all that well in pictures. I may yet have to change the gold as its currently using CryEngine's Eye shader - which does make it look super nice as it has that extra depth - but I'm not sure how expensive this shader is when compared with other ones.

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