Monday, 17 March 2014

Assessment Feedback and stuff

Whoops, I didn't realise it had been nearly a week since my last update. Last time I mentioned how I was trying to find a solution to my blending issues. Due to the time we have left I decided to just take the more memory intensive route and create four individually coloured textures in Photoshop for each tiling texture that needed it, therefore not using CryEngine's colouring tool for those specific textures.

While this does mean I had to use an extra 36mb or so of textures instead of 12kb (ouch) worth of material files, it also means that my buildings look a lot more realistic, and the paint effect wearing off near the water and other areas adds a huge degree of verisimilitude to the overall scene.

Here's a shot of my level before assessment, not much has changed here since last time though. Assessment was a realization that I really need to get the rest of my level done as soon as possible. I am falling behind on schedule, but I think getting all my basic building shapes in by Friday will help quell some of those worries.

Over the weekend I also got my trim pieces done for things like stairs, window frames, door frames and vents to break up all the space on the buildings. I think I'll need to make some tiles too to break up the floors when I get them in and also for roof area's that might be visible.

Finally, I threw together a watermill with existing texture sheets, making that patch of missing paint make a lot more sense now! Hopefully this'll look great once I get it animated and throwing up water particles.

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