Sunday, 9 February 2014

Weekly Progress, I guess

Thought I'd start this post with what is apparently the street that was used as a source of inspiration for Spirited Away. It has that perfect sense of tightness and clutter, but doesn't come across as claustrophobic or gritty at all. Moving on, I started this week off pretty well, started a load of my main assets, but haven't finished any yet as I tend to move on to another when I start to get bored, then go back to it when I get bored of that and so on. This is just so I don't get sick of working on any one thing and ensure I remain excited working on them, as this yields a better result.
I did start to make my proper buildings over the white-box with the textures I had, but I quickly realized this would be a lot easier once I had the other modular pieces to work with. At the moment I'm just making more and more boxes over the white-box, it's quite hard to do anything interesting with it at the moment. I think this is due to my irregular modular approach, so I'm hoping that once all my actual pieces are done, I can use these to start properly building around to create the necessary buildings for my city.

I've mostly finished the Air Conditioners, I want to add a little more colour and diffuse information as they're very bland at the moment. I also need to put the grills and blades onto an alpha texture so I can animate them in CryEngine when the time comes. Below are my work in progresses for the roof pieces. I spent ages trying to get them to properly tile with the snap function in Max, before realizing that the snap and grid functions are rubbish, and resorted to just ensuring the pieces area all the exact correct lengths with the measure tool.

So yeah, things slowed down quite a bit towards the end of the week, and this weekend I've done no work at all, other than reading through my 3DS Max book for some more tips I may not have known about. I've just put it down to one of those days (or weekends in this case) where you just need to take a break from everything and do something else, and it's always refreshing when you get all your laundry done and tidy your room and just unwind for a bit, so that you can return to work the next day fresh-faced (I think that's a saying). By the end of next week I want the roofs, air conditioners, windows, railings and fire escape completely finished (I've already modeled and mostly unwrapped the windows and fire escape), and as usual just read up some more on CryEngine and hopefully tweaking a few things in the level like the lighting (I do like it now at around noon, but I may alter it to 3/4pm as it just creates a little more light and shadow work compared to noon, which has fairly boring shadows. 

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