Monday, 24 February 2014


Over the weekend I got my corrugated roofs done, and can easily make more variations if I need to, so I'm pleased with those. After speaking with Dan and Luc, and reading the whole material editor section in the CryEngine manual, I realized the speculars weren't even on in my level. It was very reassuring to see my level come to life just that little bit more when I turned them and the gloss maps all on. It also pointed out a lot of stuff I needed to tweak (the windows and metal looked absolutely awful). Overall it was very reassuring, as beforehand I thought my texture work was a lot more lacking than usual. Some stuff like my painted brick texture came to life a lot more as well, which was nice (the screen below is an extreme example, this was when I was just going slider crazy).

Above is my (currently) finished window tweaking. I had to redo a lot of the gloss and specular maps to better reflect the grungy finish and also up-res the texture to a 1024, but it's definitely worth the extra memory. Below is a shot of the material editor. I added a slight glow to the windows for now, which I may need to remove once I get more in the scene and add things like cube maps, but for now it's beneficial.

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