Monday, 3 February 2014


Presentations today went alright, think I'm finally starting to get more confident with my presentation skills (though this may be because I purposely decided to wing it as it made it seem less of a deal to me) although my mouth still gets dry really fast. Anyhow feedback was pretty positive, as I'd been getting constant feedback up to this point anyway, nothing of note needed changing with what I have so far, it's just that everyone is worried that the level is just too big to fully realize within the time span. Hopefully this week I can finish my main tiling textures and begin to populate the level with the building bases to see how much I can accomplish.

I also managed to model one of my air conditioning units today, simply to satisfy my odd urge to make one as soon as felt necessary. Above is the high poly. I'm not sure yet if I'm going to actually model the fans or just have them on an alpha, so for now I'm just gonna leave it as is while I work on other stuff. Below is one of the main tileable textures I've hopefully finished; unfortunately my CryEngine RC Compiler has broken again so I can't import textures at the moment, so I'll have to properly test it in-engine tomorrow. The texture below that is a W.I.P of one of the other main tileables. This one is proving a lot more tricky to tile naturally, and just generally needs a lot more work before I think it is presentable.

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