Saturday, 15 February 2014

FMP Update - I hate roofs edition

Well that week went fast. I'm still feeling positive about getting all this stuff done and in-engine before February is up, but I also keep putting stuff off that I get stuck on and making other things instead. Case in point: the modular roof pieces. These were just generally giving me hassle with every bit about them, and considering they're a pretty important part of my level I wanted to ensure I didn't have to redo them over and over in the future. I originally unwrapped a single tile then duplicated that for the rest of the modular piece (screenshot #1) which allowed me to keep it all on one texture sheet. After doing this I realised that when it came to making the low-poly, if I wanted to use mip-mapping and not have to bake down an entirely new texture sheet I had to unwrap it all as one object, and split the texture up into two; one for the tiles and one for the specific details (screenshot #2).
So now I've unwrapped both the roof sets properly and am in the process of creating the pieces to cap them off, alongside sculpting the normals (which is also giving me hassle, so I've been reading up on some Zbrush tips and tricks).

 So that I didn't go completely mad with the roofs and general 3D, I decided to start doing some of the graffiti/street art for the level, also giving me an excuse to practice digitally painting people again. Using a photo of model Charlotte Free as reference and inspiration from some collaborative street art between Fin Dac and Angelina Christina I did the above painting that I can use around my level, along with a handful more that I'll be doing whenever I feel like I need a break from 3D. I'm pleased with how this turned out, as I'd been in a 'I can't draw people digitally' rut for absolutely ages.

Finally to round up this blog post, some of the stuff I did instead of fixing my roofs (which are now my top priority as well as finishing my tiling textures). Most of this was designed to be as texture efficient as possible, all being on the same texture sheet. The idea here is the same as my building textures, I'm hoping to tweak the colour of a lot of individual assets within the material editor, making the level be more engine dependent rather than having to use far more textures with different colour palettes, as this is far more cost efficient. I did have to change the window wood to be on a different U-tiling wood texture though as they were far too low quality when they had that little space on the unwrap.

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