Sunday, 2 February 2014

And the modular work begins...

So for the duration of February I'm gonna be making and placing my modular pieces into my level. I've planned and sketched out every single asset which I deem as 'necessary'. These are most of the pieces the level needs to populate the majority of it, and after these are done I will work on more unique assets like the garden and shops, and finally clutter assets like trash, bins, wires, etc. Below is also the tram colour schemes I did. I'm probably going to go with the middle one as it best reflects the levels overall colour scheme, but I may see what the first one looks like as it may stand out more and look more interesting.

Also, more grids! Making stuff I won't need green for completion is a bit deceptive, but it means once its all done, the whole thing will be green. This may not make much sense to someone else but I personally know exactly what I need to do and how to lay out and use my texture sheets, and I can use this grid to keep track of what needs doing.

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