Saturday, 18 January 2014

Weekly FMP Update

So FMP has been officially going on for a week now, so it's time for an update! Kind of average week, not overly productive but not too little either. I mainly focused on planning and blogging, getting the boring stuff out the way before all the drawing and modelling comes in. So yeah, most of this week was spent on the previous blogs, mainly what is inspiring me through this project and also my plan on how I go about structuring my time and how I'll be prioritizing things. I did do some concept work too, seen above, and some tram concepts I've not scanned yet. I'll be concepting and whiteboxing all the main areas first, before concepting the smaller assets. One thing that came to mind when doing the sketches above for the alleyways is my composition. I know that my project is a cluttered and compact city, but this is pretty much all I had in mind when sketching. I need to run through my books on composition, colour and lighting again just so I can really push the set pieces that will be presented to the viewer.
I think some of what I've learned has subconsciously set in anyway; Feng Zhu always goes on about the rule of three, and how three standout bits of information in a piece works better than more or less, and below I have the players first view of the city, which is compiled of the main city, and two offshoots on either side.

I've also begun my whitebox, so that I can start to quickly build a rough route for the player to take, which I can then bring into CryEngine to playtest. I'll also use it to produce some more polished paintovers, to give and idea of the finished product. As the tram will be a large feature, I will probably have to import a very simple mesh around the same size, to test how I would go about getting the player to enter it and have it move to another point of the level. If this proves too difficult and starts to eat away at my time plan then I may have to scrap it and just have the trams as dynamic elements in the background (but hopefully this won't happen). I had started to model a tram with an interior before realizing this, so I've momentarily paused that 3D asset.

I should also hopefully be going to London next weekend to gather some reference in its Chinatown. While London's Chinatown isn't very large at all, I feel it will still be somewhat useful, as as I've said before, any reference is good reference, even if it's not that much. I did also go around Leicester with Luc and Dan a few days ago for general reference and textures, as their project is fairly similar. I'll post up the personal reference and textures I've gathered next week after I've been to London to discuss and whatnot, some style and colour guides and also probably post up the reference folder I've gathered for this project in general (as making a few moodboards for a project of this scope doesn't seem adequate enough).

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