Tuesday, 28 January 2014

I have a logo 'n shizz, yay

Not a major update today, I'll probably do a much larger one tomorrow once I've scanned some stuff in, but just an update to say I've made a logo for my FMP/City and also updated the blog's layout so hopefully it's a little more relatable to my project now. Not too sure about this logo as I'm obviously not a graphic designer (which everyone outside of my course seems to think I am for some reason), but I'm still pleased with it. Tried to capture a fairly 80s/90s postcard vibe, seeing as it's set in a alternate timeline where the Earth is mostly submerged in water. The Chinese at the bottom should translate into something similar to 'Earth's best hub for all your adventuring needs!' referencing that my city is a hypothetical hub for players in an explorative MMORPG. Fúchéng itself translates to 'Floating City', nothing too clever but sensible enough. Unfortunately 'Upon-the-Sea' translated to Shanghai.

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