Tuesday, 14 January 2014

FMP Timeline

I've been procrastinating a little bit too much lately, so I figured I should kick start myself into this FMP with what I do best; organisation! I don't know how to use Excel at all but I remember how handy it was during the group project and seeing Anna and Shay's plans helped me to start preparing mine. As the FMP has only just begun, I imagine this'll change a fair bit when it comes to the production side of things. Even so, it's nice to see a general overview of how things will start progressing.
The asset list is currently very vague, things like 'Docks' will be broken down into things like 'Boat #1, Rope, Fish, etc.' in separate tables. I just thought considering I haven't ironed out all the details yet it would be best to keep it vague instead of going into too much detail straightaway (especially at the very start). Even just from doing this I can see the scope I've made for myself is pretty ambitious, but hopefully I'll be pretty smart about how I repeat assets and modular buildings. Also I've made a fair few more dynamic elements than I thought, so hopefully CryEngine is as easy to use as UDK when it comes to things like waving clothes and flickering neon signs.

For these first two weeks, I'm gonna be concepting, mainly traditionally and painting over some whiteboxing. I'm going to start with the key areas I want the player to visit, specifically the starting docks (obviously), a few tight alleyways, a tram ride, a large open area of shops and hopefully a garden area, though this may have to end up as extended scope. Then once these are concepted I'll work into how they'll be connected and in what order. I may have the tram be used to take you to multiple areas, but that can also be traversed on foot, it depends how hard setting up movement in CryEngine is.

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