Saturday, 18 January 2014

FMP Inspirations - Studio Ghibli (specifically Spirited Away)

For my final blog on FMP Inspirations (not including my general reference which will be more of a photo-reference blog), I'm going to be talking about the art of Studio Ghibli, but more specifically Spirited Away. Spirited Away was the first Ghibli film I saw, and probably one of the first anime movie's I'd ever seen too, if you don't count things like the Pokemon, Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh! movies. I don't. Typically as most people do with Ghibli films, I fell in love with the art style and all that, but it was only really last summer I watched a load more of their movies. 

Studio Ghibli's art style has been pretty consistent over the years, but Spirited Away is more of an influence than their other films because of the setting and sheer fantasy it contains. While my FMP is grounded in very hypothetical reality, there are certain things about Spirited Away that I just really wanted to portray in my own way, things like the water train (which I would've done had my tram idea not become the main transport in the city) and just the general vibe of a multi-tiered environment by the ocean. Hayao Miyazaki's very loose drawing style is also what got me back into watercolours, as he demonstrated to me that you don't have to make perfect decisions when using them; sometimes an ink and watercolour sketch is just what you need to get your idea across vividly and quickly.

Admittedly this inspiration is more 2D oriented as it's only really the colour and charisma that I want to take from, but this is stuff that I hope I'll be able to carry over into 3D; creating a world that looks lived in and characteristic will be a fun but challenging task.

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