Thursday, 16 January 2014

FMP Inspirations - Imperial Boy

Probably the single biggest influence on my whole FMP is this guy; Imperial Boy. I think it's pretty obvious to see why he's been an influence, and some of his work is why I chose to do an isolated man-made island city. Hopefully you can draw both similarities and differences between my FMP and his work (apart from his obvious extreme attention to detail and masterful use of light and perspective).

Over Summer, before finalising my FMP, I started to look more at his work, and set about trying to do my own similar style of drawings to improve my three point perspective, when I realised I hadn't really seen anything like his work rendered in a interactive 3D world. Not on that level of detail and verticality anyway. So that's when I pretty much decided on doing it for my FMP, and went about starting to concept my own ideas for an island city.

His works definitely helped to inspire me to really master my three point perspective, as this is the most important aspect of his drawings I feel. While the lighting gives it the character and liveliness, it's the three point that just gives you that sense of scope and scale, which I can then use to construct in 3D and create my own lighting in CryEngine.

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