Sunday, 12 January 2014

FMP Inspiration - FeiGiap

For this FMP inspiration blog I'm gonna be talking about an artist that I actually only discovered about a month ago. Anna sent me a link to their deviantArt page, and I instantly fell in love with their style and use of perspective. One thing that bugs me which I'm going to get out of the way straight away is that some of his paintings are almost identical to what I planned with my FMP, and I'm just worried that people may think I'm stealing his themes or compositions, even though I planned this FMP back in summer, way before seeing his work. Hopefully my themes and ideas will be distinguishable and fresh enough to differentiate from his work. I have seen a lot of artists who portray similar themes, and my main inspiration that I'll post about soon is one of them, but it's a theme I've never really seen portrayed in a realtime 3D environment, which was a strong selling point for choosing it as my idea.


Some of his work, like above, is very similar to my FMP. The main differences are that my FMP will appear slightly less shanty, with less corrugated roofs and more traditional Asian architecture such as temples and bridges. His composition and use of colour is fantastic though, it perfectly captures that feeling of 'yeah, its a congested and claustrophobic city, but at the same time it looks peaceful and enjoyable to live in.

I also like how he posts breakdowns of his paintings, as I struggle with convincing perspective in digital media. I've always felt like using 3D programs to start with is almost cheating, but thinking about it, anything that helps you become a better artist over time can't be that bad can it?


Even though almost everything in this image is cubic, it still appears busy and not very gridlocked. being able to make a variety of modular buildings and assets that fit together convincingly, with the repetition and seams being unnoticeable will help me construct the largest parts of my city very quickly, allowing me to move onto polishing it with various assets and tweaks to the layout.

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