Tuesday, 14 January 2014

FMP Inspiration - Bravely Default, Eternal Sonata & Sonic Generations

So I'm gonna be talking about three different games today as while they're all still influential towards my FMP, it's only really certain aspects of them that are (whereas Remember Me was hugely inspirational, hence the longer post). First up is Bravely Default, a game that came out in December for the 3DS in Europe. While the game itself isn't really relevant, especially as it's style involves hand-drawn environments 'extruded' out into 3D traversable locations (which does look great in its own right, just not relevant to me), the locations themselves are relevant. Again, the fantasy setting isn't something I want to tread too heavily into, but (and this is a similar theme for the next two games) the very clustered and detailed city environments are fantastic.

These pics are taken from the art book, as I wanted to include some of the concept work too (the finished pieces are literally exactly how it looks in-game). The concepts still show a clear sense of scale and direction for the player, which gives me a good insight into how I should concept the streets of my city.

The next game is Eternal Sonata, a fairly old game now that I suddenly realised had some really nice colourful locations to draw inspiration from. If I didn't settle on going for a realistic look for my FMP I would have chosen a style similar to this, as it allows for such vivid colour palettes.

Not much to say here really as the images I hope speak for themselves. I suppose it can be a good example of how you can create very crammed and busy scenes with some fairly average modelling and texture work provided the concept has been worked into enough.

Finally, I took this purely for the dappled light on the path. I believe CryEngine's realtime lighting allows for stuff like this to be created naturally given the correct lighting and positioning, but a workaround, if I really wanted it, would be to create an alpha decal that gently moves about, as they do above, in game.

Finally, a rather odd choice; Sonic Generations (althought I believe above is Sonic Unleashed). I chose this purely for the levels Rooftop Run (which is also a re-imagining of a level in Sonic Unleashed) and City Escape (a re-imagining from Sonic Adventure 2). Again, the main theme here being complex city environments made relatively simple once the assets are made and well placed. 

These environments look extremely complex, despite being made from a handful of assets. While the scope of my city isn't nearly as large (and rightly so, I'm not making what is essentially a visual racetrack) it does prove, which is encouraging for me, that large environments can be made extremely quickly and almost effortlessly provided you make smart and well thought out modular pieces.

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