Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Post Assessment Stuff

We had our assessments on Monday, in which we had to do a 5 minute formal presentation of everything we've done so far plus what we aim to do for our FMP. Didn't go too badly; I'm still very nervous when it comes to public speaking but this wasn't as bad as my mind kept telling me it would be. Overall a little disappointed with my feedback, I understand and fully agree with the negative feedback on my projects, it mainly came down to material definition and textures that I need to work on, but I would've liked a few more bits of good feedback to even it out. That being said I did only get a few negative points, and my tutor did say they only write down what was really lacking with the work, so hopefully that means everything that wasn't commented on (particularly my documentation, organisation, unwrapping and modelling) was up to standards. I just know now that I need to work on my texturing a lot more than I originally thought, mainly my understanding of how different materials are defined. Concepting is something that wasn't mentioned that I definitely need to improve though; these past few projects I've only done a few concepts, got a solid idea from them and then worked from it, which is fine, but I just feel my final concepts need a lot more polish.

I also need to start massively fleshing out my FMP idea. I have a strong idea in my head of where I need to take it, its just putting that onto paper and eventually into 3D; no point having a good 'idea' if no one can see it! At the moment, its becoming a sort of hub city for a game like an RPG or MMO where you would visit and travel up into to visit various shops to buy and sell items. I'll post up my initial FMP technical specifications after this so people can see the sort of scope I'm aiming for.

On a less formal note, I finally got round to completing Psychonauts the past few days. I finally get why everyone raves about how much of an under-appreciated gem it is. Fantastic and very ambitious art style, with good gameplay and platforming to complement it. It's one of those old(ish) games that makes you say 'wow, game developers have lost so much attention to detail lately', because of all the tiny things in the game you wouldn't have thought they'd have bothered with.

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