Wednesday, 11 December 2013

FMP Technical Specification

The Outline
To design and create an isolated, artificial island city of multiple Asian cultures, similar in theme to the works of the artist Imperial Boy and Studio Ghibli. The city will be structured fairly chaotically and mostly vertical, with a focus on contrast between large open spaces and tight twisting alleyways. The style will be realistic, with a strong focus on vivid colours and bold lighting.

Platform, Engine and Genre/Narrative
The environment will be modelled with current gen (PS3, 360, Mid-Range PCs) in mind, with a strong focus on realistic material definition and verisimilitude in relation to the setting. I will be using CryEngine 3 as the realtime lighting will benefit me greatly when creating bright clearings and dark alleys within the given time frame, alongside things such as dynamic elements like bobbing boats.
The genre will be akin to an RPG or MMORPG, with the city acting as one of the hubs for players, with areas that they can meet up, buy, sell & trade items, save progress, etc.
The narrative will be a fairly linear path to push the player from the starting docks/station up and through the city, culminating at a point that displays a vista of the city, and/or takes the player back to the start.

Technical Specifications (Rough Estimates)
Tri limit – Minimum 100,000 maximum 300,000 (not including instancing)
2500 Draw calls
Framerate ~30FPS
Texture size – Relative to one another; large important assets 1024x1024 or composed of tileables, population assets 512x512 or 256x256 depending on size and priority
Maps to use – Diffuse, Normal, [Colour] Specular, Gloss, Reflection, Glow

Scale & Extended Scope
The scale of the level will be of a believable city size, but only a portion of it available to walk around by the player. The ability to traverse multiple levels will increase the explorable aspect of the environment. For an extended scope I could add more layers to the city of various other cultures (such as Indian or Parisian).
List of Probable Assets
Modular buildings (temples, stackable apartments, shops, etc.)
Moss, Trees & Plants
Windows & shutters
Window boxes
Air conditioners
Clothes lines
Hanging Lights
Boats & Docks (or train station)
External wiring & Piping
Fire escapes
Neon signs & Adverts
Clutter (boxes, rubbish, bins etc.)

List of Dynamic Elements
Flying birds
Bobbing boats
Swaying wires & clothes lines
Interactive tram
Flickering signs & lights
Rotating mills & working air conditioners
Smoke & steam
Swaying plants & vines
Swaying cloth
Reflective pools of water
Dripping/Flowing pipes

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